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When it comes to payment, we have a variety of options to suit you.

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Bank Transfer (BACS)
  • Direct Debit
  • Over the phone

Our preferred way of payment is through BACS, so you will receive our BACS details upon signing up and on your invoices, however, if this does not suit you that is perfectly fine, another method can be arranged.

We ask all new customers to pay weekly for the first six weeks of getting their delivery. After the first six weeks, you can contact us and we can arrange to move to monthly billing if this is preferred.

Bills and Invoices

Our billing is very simple.

For the first six weeks of getting your milk delivered, you will receive a weekly invoice either through email or a paper copy delivered with your milk.

If you have a paper invoice, you will receive this with either your Wednesday or Thursday delivery.

If you have your invoice via email, you will get this on Thursday.

If you have a monthly email, you will receive your bill on the last Wednesday of the month.

After six weeks of deliveries you can opt for monthly invoices.

How Milk Delivery Works

What to do with your empty milk bottles

Due to us being environmentally friendly and delivering reusable glass bottles, the glass bottles need to be returned.

We ask all our customers to rinse out their milk bottles before leaving them on their doorstep.

To do this, once you have used your milk, in time for your next delivery leave your milk bottles out on your doorstep and your milkman will take them away after delivering your milk.

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How Milk Delivery Works

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Cheaper Than you Think

We are one of the cheapest doorstep milk deliverers in the UK. From Calverton to Walesby, Clipstone to Hockerton. We deliver fresh milk and groceries to your doorstep early six days a week.

We are determined to revive the great British doorstep delivery service and provide our local community with an unrivalled delivery service of fresh milk to your doorstep.

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